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Legacy album. Summer 2021

The past year has presented us all with some of the most challenging and uncertain times of our lives.

Whether it be financial, physical or mental challenges that we have faced, it is fair to say that we as a nation, have all been going through it.

One thing is for sure, we have all had time on our hands to think, and I personally have often found myself thinking about my past, present and future, and this has been pivotal in the creation of Legacy.
Pivotal in the sense that music has been the major consistency throughout my life, it has been so consistent that it was “normality” for me. However, recently, I have found that music has been instrumental (pardon the pun) for me in the sense that it has been what has kept going and has led me to feel somewhat reinspired.

Being in lockdown and not being able to go out and personally share my music in the clubs has been an absolute killer.
That being said, having the time to reminisce about all my favourite genres and tunes, and having the time to actually sit down and listen back through the catalogue of my musical life and inspirations, is something for which I am truly grateful. All in all, I have been truly blessed in life, not just when it comes to music, but when it comes to family, friends, colleagues and from music lovers around the globe, who have all supported me and brought me so much joy.
Taking all of this into consideration, I really wanted to put something together that would give something back by means of bringing smiles to people’s faces, and of course their ears, there really has been no better time to put together my own legacy.

It is a legacy that comes from me to you via a whole lot of soul searching, is from the heart and as you will note by the crème de la crème of each artist and genre…. This is personal!!!